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Pressure Washes

Rediscover your home with a Kärcher pressure washer, which allows you to do more than just easily remove dirt. They transform things: from old to new, from shabby to chic. Where previously dirt dominated, afterwards there is nothing but cleanliness. See for yourself what a huge difference they can make. And just how much fun cleaning can be!

Kärcher pressure washers are the perfect solution for a wide range of cleaning tasks around the house and car. With the combination of high pressure and water, cleaning can be done almost twice as fast as with a sponge and hose. It is not just a device for spring cleaning, but rather a powerful assistant for all seasons. You have never seen your home like this before!

Always well cooled:
Thanks to the water-cooled motor and the right accessories for every application, Kärcher pressure washers clean up to 50% faster than other pressure washers.

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High pressure washer K 2.300

For occasional use on garden furniture, bicycles, cars and ...

High pressure washer K 3.550

Powerful, mobile and convenient high-pressure cleaner.

High pressure washer K 4.640

High pressure washer K 4.640

High pressure washer K 7

Ideal for frequent use and removing stubborn dirt

K 1.100 ALA

Compact, powerful and affordable.