As a system supplier to most industries including the food industry, every requirement from tribological to technical cleaning can be taken care of from A to Z. We check and support every process level and set new standards with regard to the lives of lubricants and cleaning agents.

Hydraulic oils

  • HL, HLP, HVLP, HLPD dispersing, HEES (biodegradable)
  • HFC (non flammable)
  • H1 NSF registered fully synthetic hydraulic, gear and compressor oils in all viscosities (ISO VG 2 to ISO VG 1000) for the food industry

Gear oils
Mineral oils, semi synthetic and fully synthetic gear oils for automotive and industrial use in all viscosity ranges.

  • Automatic transmission fluid ATF
  • Manual gears API GL-4/5
  • Hand gear and hypoid axles on two in one API GL-5
  • Back (rear) axles with or without differential API GL 5
  • Industrial gears DIN 51517/CLP
  • Based on mineral oils
  • HC synthesis
  • Fully synthetics
  • Food proven lubes H1/NSF

Slideway oils
Demulsifying slide way oils in all viscosities, with outstanding antifriction coefficient

Compressor oils

  • Based on mineral oils
  • HC synthesis
  • Fully synthetic products for all types of compressors including rotary, piston, vacuum machines and for food processes

H1/NFS available in all viscosity grades.

Vacuum pump oils

Quenching oils

Rust protection oils
Solvent and ache free, environ metal corrosions protection oils